Blog Design

Build your business or share your craft or life journey with an inviting online presence.  "Branding" in blog and website design simply means to express your individual uniqueness through graphic illustration.  It is said that a picture can paint a thousand words!  Let your personal branding describe who you are to constituents, clients, family and friends.

Start with audience grabbing blog elements--a banner, sidebar navigation links, and a customized signature to personalize every post. 

On-trend designs now are clean, simple and uncluttered.  But remember your branding is about YOU.  We will work together to create a blog design that invites your followers into YOUR world. 

All blog designs are custom created.  You provide me with basic information about theme (branding), color, style, element details and I create a look for your blog that incorporates your favorites.

 Click on image to enlarge or visit my gallery for more samples.

Standard Blog Design package is $85-$100 and includes the elements bulleted below.   I will communicate with you throughout the process so you can see each part in progress and make changes as we go.   Generally I send 3-4 design samples for you to choose from, so I'm not creating just one banner!  You can pick and choose elements that you like and send me back to the drawing board.  So it's a very interactive process.  The Standard Package includes these elements:
  • custom designed banner
  • 3 sidebar navigation buttons
  • a custom signature for the end of each post  (two files--one with linkable tagline, one without)
  • 5 free edits two components--banner (3) and siggy/buttons (2).  It is helpful to make as many edits as needed at one time.
Price range varies due to complexity of design, the number of layers used or custom created elements.  Extra edits, custom characters, or purchased elements may add to the cost of the blog design.

Banner only:  $50 - $75  (with 3 free edits)

Additional sidebar navigation buttons: $10.00 each.


Broaden your business branding and let me create coordinating products: