Custom Characters

I'm thrilled to add another product type to my portfolio!  I've had frequent requests for custom designed characters or avatars as business boosters.  Whether used as profile photos on Facebook or incorporated into a banner design for your blog or website, these whimsical characters are in high demand.

I use a combination of commercial use characters designed by other artists that I customize or my own, original hand-drawn characters and accessories.  My characters are not caricatures or cartoon renderings of actual features. They are vector characters that can be customized to replicate general hair color/style, eye color, body type, clothing and position.

If interested, please use the contact form in the right margin to tell me what you'd like and I'll start the dialogue to get your project started. 

File Format:
All characters come to you as flattened images in JPEG and/or PNG format.

Stand alone custom characters for use as avatars and profile images start at $50.  Cost varies if backgrounds or other accessories are used beyond the character itself.  A banner incorporating a custom character ranges from approximately $95-$100 depending on the rest of the banner graphics required.  For custom characters or banners with custom characters require specialize work, a 50% down payment of basic fee is required before design work begins.  Drafts with my watermark are sent for approval and 3 free edits (small changes)  are included in the basic fee. Once final payment is made high resolution, unwatermarked files are sent via email or dropbox.

Payment is made through PayPal, no exceptions.  You do not have to have a PayPal account. You can securely use a debit or credit card and I will never see your account information.   You will receive invoices from me through PayPal for both the deposit and your final payment.

If after 3 edits you are not satisfied with the design drafts (low resolution/watermarked images) and want to terminate the design process, your deposit will be returned.  Once any downloadable, unwatermarked version of your image is delivered to you via email or dropbox, no money will be refunded.  

Terms of Use (TOU):
Images are for your personal use to boost your business or to enhance your social media presence.  Images are copyrighted and as such, no part of the image can be extracted nor can the image be resold as is.  You may use the image on products you create to boost your business (banners, business cards, profile images, cups, stationary, newsletters), but you may not redistribute the image in the original file format (JPEG/PNG).  It must be incorporated within a final product.  You will receive a TOU document that outlines the copyright parameters of both my images and any commercial use designs I incorporate. If you have any questions about the terms of use, contact me.  The contact form on this website can be used, or use the email address given on the TOU document provided with your final order to contact me after the order process is complete.

Just a few samples of custom character creations...