Frequently Asked Questions

I do freelance graphic designs for individuals and small business. I also partner with Patsy Waggoner of Blogs by Patsy to assist Stampin' Up! demonstrators establish an online presence with their blogs.  I do the design work and Patsy does all the installation to set up the blog. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about my work:

How do I get started?
Contact me at or fill out the contact form in the side bar.  Let me know what you want designed. Click the Blog Design Questionnaire link on the sidebar. This will take you to DropBox where the questionnaire is stored. If you don't have a dropbox account a popup menu will appear. If you don't want to open a free account, click on the X in the upper right hand corner to close the box and go straight to the questionnaire.  Download the appropriate questionnaire (general or SU demonstrators), complete the form and attach it to email to me. For projects other than blog design, contact me with what you need and we can dialogue through emails.

How does this process work?
You simply let me know what projects need design work.  Once I have as much information from you as I need to begin designing, I generally create 3-5 samples from which you can begin to narrow your choice. The package prices include 5 edits. The more descriptive you can be about your preferences in the beginning the easier it is to land quickly on a design theme you love. 

How do I pay for your design work?  
I accept payments through PayPal.  You don't have to have a PayPal account in order to use this secure method of payment.  You may use a normal debit or credit card when you check out from PayPal.

When do I pay?
Beginning Sept 15, 2015 I will require a down payment of $50 for blog design work and an individually determined advance on additional projects.  I put a client into my active client queue after deposits are received.  I send you watermarked drafts as you approve my initial versions.  Once you have agreed on the final design, I will send a final invoice for the balance of the project fee.  Upon receipt of payment, I will forward files that are ready to use directly to you and, if desired, to any third party who will be installing your design elements on a blog or website. My fees are separate from anyone setting up your blog.

Do you create custom images that I can use to design my own projects?
Yes, but individual images require a special type of license for business promotion/commercial/extended use.  Please contact me on an individual basis about use for any image or composite of images I design for you if you want to use them beyond one or more of my finished projects (banner, business card, etc.). 

What is a Business Promotion/Extended/Limited Commercial Use License?

Business Promotion License (Logos/ SingleGraphics)

Business Promotion/Extended Use License. All images I design are copyright protected/Diane's Daydream Designs. Your purchase of a Logo or single graphic design for extended/commercial use requires this license ($75 in addition to the design fee) which allows you to use the image to create finished projects such as T-Shirts or other apparel/accessories for your business or extended uses (beyond personal use).  For example, the usage license would allow you to use a graphic to make as many T-Shirts, etc. as needed. The image itself may not be distributed beyond your use to create finished projects.  You must remain the sole possessor of the image.  You may give the image to a professional printer or someone hired to produce the products described in this usage disclaimer.

This is limited commercial use license which allows use of the image on commercial projects (craft fairs, etc.) other than those directly related to promoting your business.  You can use the image to create other accessory items to promote your business or team (stationery, postcards, signs, mugs, etc.) and those items can be purchased by team members or customers. The image cannot be altered other than resizing.   If you have questions about any of these licenses, please contact the designer.  You cannot resell the image as is.  It must be on a finished project and the consumer is not able to reproduce/redistribute the image  The cost of this image reflects the scope and flexibility of its use.  A Business Promotion/Extended/Limited Commercial Use License is non-transferable. Purchase of the image/license indicates that you have read and agree to the terms of use.  Not all images are available for this license. 

Who do the images belong to when I purchase from you?
Most of the design work is copyright protected as the designer's intellectual and creative property. You can use the images I create for you for all your personal projects, but you cannot resell any part of the composite or the composite itself.  You can make your own projects to sell that contain the composite image but you cannot alter a composite image to extract a portion of the design then use that image as your own.  

Some of the images I use in my composite projects are purchased with a commercial use license from another graphic illustrator.  I must also honor all the copyright protection for those artists as well as my own interest. 

The designer possesses the right to use components of this composite image for other projects or customers. This precise composite will not be distributed in any way and will remain unique to your project.